Lukas Lewark
Regensburg Research group

My Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group currently consists of my postdoc Claudius Zibrowius and my PhD student Damian Iltgen.

Other people at the Regensburg math department working in related areas include:

During the semester (October till February, and April till July), there are a weekly seminar in topology/differential geometry, the Oberseminar Globale Analysis (not running at the moment due to the pandemic), and a less formal seminar in topology, the LKS seminar (virtual at the moment). From May 2020 on, there is the Regensburg low-dimensional geometry & topology seminar, a weekly online research seminar. There are a variety of further seminars at the department — see our weekly program of talks.

Furthermore, the Regensburg math department is home of the SFB "Higher Invariants", a long-term mathematical collaborative research centre funded by the DFG.

Last update: 28 September 2020.